KC Marketing has been established upon three basic principles:

I love what I do!

I help businesses communicate more effectively with their existing and potential customers. This leads to an increase in sales (honestly!).

I make sure that marketing is always enabling the business plan.

I know that to be successful in developing a business through marketing, you have to first invest the time in fully understanding that business (its market / customers / competitors / staff / culture / objectives / brand etc.). Only then can you truely serve its best interests.

What do I do?

I help businesses to communicate with their target audiences in a relevant, timely and appealing manner. PR / Advertising / Marketing – using tools such as print, internet, media relations etc.

Who do I do it for?

From Russian Tea Rooms to Water Conditioning companies, HR Advisors to Energy Efficiency Surveyors — anyone who wants their business plan to deliver…

How am I different?

I work in my client’s best interests at all times — they pay me to represent them and advise them. But above all I love what I do!

What am I looking for?

Generally any business who needs change for betterment of sales / brand positioning.